Would You Like To Boost Your Employee’s Health, Morale and Productivity While Increasing Your Company’s Profit Margin?

Healthy employees mean a healthy business which is why the most successful companies are now investing more resources into corporate wellness programs to increase their bottom line.

Australia is now one of the most obese countries in the world, and with people lacking time to exercise and physical activity decreasing things will get worse before they get better.

That’s why our quick, fun, high energy 45-minute no-nonsense corporate boot camp is the perfect solution, these workouts are designed to get your employees fit, healthy and bursting with energy in no time.

Our 6 week Corporate Bootcamp is beneficial to your business to help increase productivity and build a stronger workplace. It's an intense, fun program that focuses on team development within your business.
The Corporate Boot Camp is a tailored made program, with different activities to suit different fitness levels within your team. Communication, fitness appreciation, leadership, trust building and time management are just some of the benefits that will come out of our 6-week program.


Your Business – A time that works for your workplace – With sessions designed especially for you!

A 6-week program that keeps your team accountable to a time slot. A great way to get out of the office and work on your team in a completely different environment. Energy levels will be improved, endorphins will be flowing and your workplace will have a better feel.

We are asking you to help your team make a 6-week commitment to a group training session, to get out of the office and out of your comfort zone with one of our Personal Trainers.

  • What - 45-minute Group Session (Indoor and Outdoor Program)
  • Location - 2 Wyley St (Physical Fix 24hour Gym)
  • Who - One of our Personal Trainer’s that will be with you and your team for the 6-week period.
  • Day and Time - Your choice, something that you can lock your team into for the same time and day (For 6 weeks)
  • Team Numbers - Maximum 12 people (More people can be added to your group)

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us create a customised Corporate Bootcamp program that will improve the quality of your employee’s health while increasing your businesses productivity and profits.